an exotic, underground world where the lines of gender and sexuality
bend and redefine

TingleTangle is an evening of personal storytelling, gender-bending songs and no-punches-pulled conversations about sexuality, gender, oppression, hate speech and compassion's transgressive power. This cabaret-inspired performance responds to a conflicted, changing world, with love, empathy, humor and the desire to understand…not to mention some out-and-out desire! This provocative evening revels in the nuances of identity and how we all use performance to communicate our truest selves to the world.

TingleTangle is a show about compassion and transformation. An avant-garde Muppet Show mixed with Weimar sex and danger. Come in! Enjoy yourself! Laugh!

conceived by Ray Caspio
directed by Jeremy Paul
original composition & arrangements by Eric M. C. Gonzalez
featuring Ray Caspio, Katie Beck, Valerie C. Kilmer, Ryan Lucas, Dan Rand & Amy Schwabauer
stage manager Kaitlin Kelly
assistant stage manager & dramaturge Christina Dennis
costume design Kevenn T. Smith
lighting design Benjamin Gantose

TingleTangle is sponsored by

Ohio Arts Council
Rising Star Coffee
Beet Jar
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Davis Aguila
Tiffany Yeagley Bolton
Kaki Brzytwa
Andre Cisco
Tim Collingwood
Jonathan Davis
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Elaine Feagler
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Lauren Joy Fraley
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Margaret Hunter
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Ryan Lucas
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Marilu Mercadante
Fran Moore
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Chris Seibert
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