What will happen on The Last Day?

That’s the question players will answer in the latest interactive story from Theater Ninjas, Cleveland’s purveyors of out-of-the-ordinary experiences. This time around, the “theatrical food truck” is taking up residence in the Gordon Square Arcade, creating a unique immersive storytelling experience. Audiences will solve puzzles, manipulate arcane machines, and investigate the life of a mysterious woman’s magical past.

The Last Day is a giant, explorable puzzle box full of tantalizing clues and whispered secrets. Like walking inside a three-dimensional novel, this interactive experience creates a rich universe inside a series of rooms filled with lost letters, sketches of fantastic beasts and lands, postcards from unseen spirits, missing memories, and exotic artifacts. Borrowing from video games—like Myst and Gone Home—and ‘escape the room’ games, The Last Day is an intimate encounter with the unknown.

Sept 15 - Oct 9, 2016
[wednesdays] thru [mondays]
multiple time slots each day
see below for details

@ Gordon Square Arcade
6516 Detroit Ave Suite 1
Cleveland, OH 44102


Okay, How Does The Last Day Work?

The Last Day is a little different from our usual shows! Here are some tips to make your experience great:

  • The Last Day will be running multiple times a day. When you get your tickets, be sure to specify which session you and your group would like to do.
  • While you can certainly sign up for The Last Day by yourself, we really recommend coming with a team of 2 to 8 players. If you have less than 8 players, there's a good chance you'll be paired up with other people as well. It's good to make friends!
  • Each group will have an hour to collectively explore a fantastic world. Be ready to unravel riddles, brew potions, and follow a trail of poetic breadcrumbs.
  • Everything in the room tells a story. Yes, there are puzzles, but the emphasis is on the story. Don't get caught up in only 'solving' the experience, but follow the story. Even red herrings can be revelatory in this strange environment
  • Unlike a traditional play, there are no actors. Enemies of interactive theater rejoice!
  • Like a traditional play, you aren't allowed to destroy things. You are encouraged to explore and uncover, but please refrain from disassembling or tearing apart things in the room.
  • Please note that this is not a large space, so be sure to leave large duffle bags, hiking backpacks, and mascot uniforms at home. Also note that The Last Day is mostly handicap accessible: there is one optional part of the experience that involves a staircase.
  • "This sounds amazing!! But I have more questions!"

    Just email us at info [at] theaterninjas.com for more details about The Last Day

    Show Times

    Each session is limited to a total of 8 people. Please purchase tickets ahead of time in order to save your spot!

    Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays
    6pm -- 7:30pm -- 9pm

    12pm -- 1:30pm -- 3pm -- 4:30pm -- 6pm -- 7:30pm -- 9pm -- 10:30pm

    12pm -- 1:30pm -- 3pm -- 4:30pm -- 6pm

    Where is The Last Day?

    The Last Day is in Suite 2 of The Gordon Square Arcade

    Groups can gather in the parking lot behind the Gordon Square Arcade, between West 65th and West 67th streets (Behind the Capitol Movie Theater).

    parking map

    Gather under the RED awning labeled “GORDON SQUARE ARCADE” where you’ll be met by someone wearing a YELLOW rain slicker.