Upcoming Projects



Thursday, Feb. 22 - Saturday, Feb. 24

“Bricolage" is an explosion of new fusion works created by randomly assigned teams of artists and craftspeople from all over the creative spectrum. Teams of players from different mediums, such a musician and a chef, a puppeteer and a scientist, or a sculptor and computer programmer, will have three weeks to create an original performance, culminating in a concert/play/cooking show/tech demo of whatever strange, beautiful new thing they’ve created. 


Positive Reinforcements

Friday, April. 6-Saturday, April. 7

“Positive Reinforcements” is a two-night showcase of short-form performance/time-based art, such as theater pieces, dance, sketch/comedy, music, opera, radio plays, performance art and poetry readings, along with representatives from visual and spacial art. At $10 a ticket and with each set roughly 10 minutes long, this tapas-style variety show lets artists experiment with new ideas and territories, and gives audiences a chance to see old favorites, discover new artists and plunge into the diversity of Cleveland’s artistic community


Black Diamond

Released on Saturday, Jan. 27

Directed and Programmed by Jeremy Paul

In the near future, humanity has begun expanding throughout the solar system via a series of gates called the Black Diamond Network. Building these massive systems is difficult, dangerous and lonely, and sometimes accidents happen. This virtual prequel to last summer’s Don't Wander Off is an online game in which players will explore inner and outer space beginning with an immersive release party on January 27th.


Mystery Box

Thursday, May. 31-Saturday, June. 2 (Beta Performances)

Created by Lauren Joy Fraley & Jeremy Paul.

Behind this door there is a perfectly ordinary room, and in that room there is a perfectly ordinary box. That is to say, it is perfectly ordinary in all respects except that it shouldn’t exist. The secrets this box contains and the story of person who made it are at the heart of a mystery that spans hundreds of years, digital and analogue worlds, and touches the very fabric of the universe. It’s up to you to enter the room, open the box, and discover the truth. This limited beta will be a glimpse into a developing project that turns the Room-Escape experience inside-out.



Bi-monthly beginning in early 2018

Created by Ryan Lucas and Jeremy Paul

You have crash-landed on an alien planet with limited supplies, no way to contact your ship, and the dawning realization that you are not alone. Or you are sea-going explorers, sent by your empire to discover new lands, bring back treasure, and hopefully find the cure for a seemingly unstoppable plague. Or you are scientists in a remote arctic research station in the middle of a harsh storm, trying to keep the power on when one of your comrades starts acting strange....in the tradition of role playing games and Don't Wander Off’s stranded plot-line, “Exploration” is an evolving, interactive experience where participants work with each other to create a one-of-a-kind story.