Theater Ninjas HQ

Nomads No More Capital Campaign


For the past 10 years, Theater Ninjas has been a nomadic company, presenting cutting-edge performance in a wide variety of non-traditional venues. During that time the Company has maintained a virtual internet-based office and relied on allied organizations for rehearsal, storage and meeting space. While this was an effective strategy during our early development, the Company now urgently needs a permanent home to continue its growth.

Working with Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO), Theater Ninjas found an ideal location within Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District at the corner of West 54th and Detroit Avenue. This historic storefront can accommodate our smaller productions and provide rehearsal, workshop/classroom space and administrative offices. After negotiating an extremely favorable long-term lease with DSCDO, the Company took occupancy of the storefront in March.

Turning this 1200 sq. ft. space into our home base will have the following transformational impacts on our company:

  • Improve Fundraising as a consequence of perceived stability and placement in a community where we have had artistic success and where theater arts are celebrated.
  • Create a headquarters for the Cadre, our integrated creative, artistic and management team of professionals that leads Theater Ninjas.
  • Initiate new opportunities to grow and innovate through:
    • workshops on devised performance
    • classes in acting and ensemble work 
    • the creation of a vocal recording studio to produce voiceovers, original music for productions, and podcasts by Theater Ninjas and its colleagues 
  • Consolidate Company activities to strengthen our operational capabilities including integrated front office services in a stable physical location.
  • Provide dedicated rehearsal space for our 3-4 MainStage annual productions which would be held in the new location.
  • Serve as a performance venue for our smaller or more experimental work.
  • Reinforce our identity and permanency with a visible location in an established performing arts district, enhanced by publicity generated by alignment with DSCDO and Gordon Square Arts District activities. 

    Our headquarters storefront is located in the historic Courtland Building that once was a hub of west side Cleveland retail. With support from our patrons and supporters, the space will be reborn as an exciting center for performance art. Demolition is complete and the first stage of renovation started. We want to share our vision of transformation with others.

    The headquarters in no way prevents Theater Ninjas from mounting MainStage productions in non-traditional venues as ‘The Food Truck of Cleveland Theater’. In fact, the security of a home base frees up resources and offers us the flexibility to perform in unusual, site-specific locations. Our headquarters should have a significant impact on the current redevelopment of the eastern end of Detroit Shoreway. DSCDO is excited that Theater Ninjas will be an arts anchor on this relatively undeveloped edge of the district, providing a stabilizing influence on this crucial hub of neighborhood development.

    Our Nomads No More Capital Campaign goal is to raise $70,000 to create and operate our new home. We have obtained over $35,000 toward that goal through grants as well as generous contributions from our Board and donors. 

    Current Supporters for the Nomads No More Capital Campaign

    Dr. Richard Lynn

    Susan and Patrick McGown

    Cherie and Jonathan Meyers

    Lee and Becky Morrow

    Steven and Gisela Oluic

    Jason and Colleen Policy

    Ron and Rita Policy

    Elizabeth and Joseph Rusnak

    Gene Veronesi


    Lucy Bredeson-Smith

    Cozetta Case

    Ray Caspio

    Okan Ertin

    Sue & Shannon Everyday

    Sarah Lamb

    Zachary Olivos

    Cathleen O'Malley

    Becky and John Ryba

    Pandora Robertson & David Shimotakahara

    Carrie Williams

    Andrew Valdez

    Craig A. Webb



    David and Martha Cathcart

    The Cleveland Foundation

    The George Gund Foundation

    Peggy Peterson

    Lola Rothmann

    Susan Rothmann


    Cassie Goldbach

    Bob Paul & Peggy Kennedy


    Carl Baldassare

    Eric Coble

    Joan and Arthur Hargate

    The Jentner Group


    Pam and Solomon Cokes

    Ted and Teresa Good

    Jeff and Rose Heintz

    David and Margaret Hunter

    Mike and Nancy Jones

    Laura Kepley and George Brant

    David Leiberth