What is happening with Theater Ninjas?

It's been awhile

Last year was really busy for Theater Ninjas. We created the Cadre, our in-house team of creative producing powerhouses, produced a ton of new work, and made big, important forays into immersive game-like theatrical encounters (we're working on a better name for those kind of things). 

Then, we went quiet for a bit. If you like making jokes about Ninjas, this is your time to shine.

We haven't been idle though. Over the last few months, we've been deep in rehearsal for our next show, Don't Wander Off, an interactive, explorable sci-fi story that is, no joking, the most ambitious storytelling project we've ever undertaking. It's a complex tale of deep space survival, critical choices, and multiple storylines...a little like making 6 different plays all at once. It goes up in July.

In addition to that, we've also been working on a few other things that we really want to tell you about. Oh man, I would love to tell you about them! For example, after much soul-searching, we [INFORMATION REDACTED] which has led us to begin the colossal, but vital task of [NOT TALKING ABOUT IT]. Simultaneously, changes in Cleveland theater have led us to believe we need an [AWESOME SECRET THING] which will fundamentally change [SOMETHING FUNDAMENTAL AND YET CHANGEABLE ABOUT US].

All will be revealed in good time!

In the meanwhile, here are a bunch of things we are able to talk about, so here we go:

Season Auditions - March 3-5, 2017 - We're holding auditions for our upcoming season! Are you a performer interesting in working on something new and different? We want to work with you. Sign up here.

Positive Reinforcements - March 18-19, 2017 - Positive Reinforcements is back featuring new scenes, scores, songs and sketches. See new short-form performances by amazing local artists. Location is currently TOP SECRET (see above).

Sincerity Forever - March 25 - Theater Ninjas is proud to be a part of the Mac Welllman Homecoming Festival this year. We're producing a reading of Wellman's Obie-award winning play about aliens, the KKK, and Jesus. Info about the festival can be found here.