Who We Used To Be

Who We Used To Be

You only have ONE WEEKEND to see our next original production: Who We Used to Be. This show continues to delve into myth as metaphor for how we construct the cities we dwell in, and what makes them home.


"I fight because it keeps me alive"

The Story of Mara was created last year in Celestial Mysteries and was about a fierce young woman who defended her homeland from an army of demons, eventually getting subsumed into the architecture of a city that was built around their conflict. This year, we're bringing the story a bit closer to home, taking a new tack with the fight choreography and replacing the pack of demons with something quite different. We're borrowing a bit, at least in terms of mood, from a passage in Marble Cities, our 2012 devised work about imagination and power that inspired both this production, and Celestial Mystery.

"No one can go below without sacrifice"

Anna's Descent, a story about an estranged sister who returns home to Cleveland and discovers new faces and old ghosts, is a mix of several strands we've been working on: the story of the Seer from 2012's Marble Cities and the Inanna/Ishtar & Ereshkigal story from Celestial Mystery. We're paralleling the mythic journey of Inanna's descent into the underworld with contemporary character Anna's journey to see her family after many years apart. Inanna faced demons and Anna faces demons of her own as her memories and the present day collide, forcing her to confront all the messy emotional baggage she's brought with her. This piece also uses some of the original music composed by local band Filmstrip for Marble Cities.

"Something Happened..."

In The Fox, our Kitsune-inspired fairytale about a man and an otherworldly creature whose worlds collide, we're playing around with magic, horror, privilege, and the way cities function as different places for different people. We first put this one on its legs last year, and one of the big changes this year is we cut the vampires. I didn't want to cut the vampires, I really liked the vampires, but ultimately the story didn't want to be about vampires and we had to listen to it. This still has plenty of creepy, unsettling images though, and raises the volume on the humor in places as well.

Who We Used To Be

February 24 - 28
an original Theater Ninjas performance
directed by Jeremy Paul
Starring Courtney Auman, Minor Cline, Christina Dennis, Lauren Joy Fraley, Val Kozlenko, Jeremy Paul, and Bryan Ritchey