In rehearsal: Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys

We're started rehearsals of our next production: Cleveland native Caroline V. McGraw's Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys. We've talked through this dark and delightful script, been sized for costumes, and drawn the stage in chalk at our rehearsal space. We're ecstatic about bringing this Regional Premiere to you starting October 29th.

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Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys
October 29 - November 14
written by Caroline V. McGraw
directed by Jeremy Paul
Original Composition by Eric M. C. Gonzalez
lighting design by Benjamin Gantose
costume design by Inda Blatch-Geib
stage manager Kaitlin Kelly
Starring Rachel Lee Kolis, Lauren Joy Fraley, Valerie Kilmer, Val Kozlenko, Ryan Lucas, Bryon Tobin