Embark on Adventure August 12-16

Adventure is a workshop of interactive experiments that mix theater, puzzles, games and arduino gadgets to create surprising emergent narratives driven by the audience’s decisions. We're partnering with Tabletop Board Game Cafe to bring you a week long workshop full of game experiences that blur the boundaries between play, story and theatre.

Borrowing from live interactive fiction and video games, (with a dash of Locked Room puzzles and tarot cards readings), these gaming experiments use the audience’s decisions to reveal and create stories. Audience ‘players’ will explore different modes of interaction that reveal and reconfigure story elements to generate new meanings. Importantly, there are no ‘actors’ in these experiments; the theater exists in each players’ experience. 

The workshop consists of three different ‘games’ that explore audience agency in different ways. Each game can be played in any any order and played multiple times. These are works-in progress, so the audience can also give suggestions on how to develop each piece further. The goal of the workshop is discover new theatrical techniques that will make their into future Theater Ninjas productions.

Tickets for the Adventure workshop are $5 (Tabletop gaming fee) plus the roll of a 6-sided die (on a roll of ‘6’, players can keep the die).

Take a chance on a new experience, and cross the threshold into Adventure from August 12 - 16.

Adventure Workshop

Created by Ryan Edlinger, Christopher Hisey, Ryan Lucas and Jeremy Paul

August 12-16, 2015
6-8pm on Wed-Fri
4-7pm on Sat & Sun

Tickets: $5 + $1d6

Tabletop Board Game Cafe

1810 W. 25TH
Cleveland, OH 44113