Press is "mesmerized" by Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys


Reviews for our regional premiere of Caroline V. McGraw's Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys have been astounding! Below are some of the highlights, but you'll want to head over to and read their review for yourself.

"Theater Ninjas' mesmerizing production of Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys by Cleveland native Caroline V. McGraw marks the first professional debut of her work in her hometown. The marriage of playwright and company is a match made in surreal heaven."                                                                                                                            -Andrea Simakis, Plain Dealer

"In the daunting role of Brandy, Rachel Lee Kolis demonstrates a raw physicality that gives her performance a mesmerizing quality"                                                                                                                                                                                             -Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene

Preview night was sold out, and Friday's show was close to it as well. Make certain to get your tickets for this darkly comic, surreal journey before it's too late.

Click HERE to buy tickets online at Tixato.