Preview of Ninjas' Year 9 in The Plain Dealer

It's fall, and that means costumes, pumpkin pie, and scarves... And that's just in the theatre!

The Plain Dealer has featured your friendly neighborhood Ninjas in their Fall Theatre Preview, (about halfway down the page) alongside a slew of incredible Cleveland artists. You can get a glimpse at our upcoming year – and stayed tuned for more information on everything we have in store for 2014-2015!


The overview of our exhilarating 9th year looks like this:

     TingleTangle (October 30 - 15) 

     Fire on the Water (Co-Produced with CPT, January 29 - February 14)  

     The Grand Celebration of the Celestial Mystery - A "Marble Cities" Prelude (April 2 - 5) 

     The Turing Machine - A "Code" Prelude (May)

     Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys (August)