TingleTangle Press Release


                  TingleTangle Yourself with Theater Ninjas

Cleveland, Ohio, September 9, 2014 — This fall, immerse yourself in an exotic, underground world where the lines of gender and sexuality bend and redefine. 

TingleTangle is an evening of personal storytelling, gender-bending songs and no-punches-pulled conversations about sexuality, gender, oppression, hate speech and compassion's transgressive power. This cabaret-inspired performance responds to a conflicted, changing world, with love, empathy, humor and the desire to understand…not to mention some out-and-out desire! 

This provocative evening revels in the nuances of identity and how we all use performance to communicate our truest selves to the world. Forming TingleTangle’s core are monologues and songs by Lead Artist and Theater Ninjas’ Associate Artistic Director Ray Caspio, who draws on his experiences as a married gay man dealing with prejudice, identity and acceptance. An ensemble of actors will perform original comedy sketches and interactive stories, with composition and live accompaniment by Eric M. C. Gonzalez.

“TingleTangle is a show about compassion and transformation, using the most powerful tool in theater: empathy,” said Caspio. “We’re creating a relaxed, fun place where everyone is welcome and where we say what we truly feel. I call it an avant-garde Muppet Show mixed with Weimar sex and danger. Come in! Enjoy yourself! Laugh! Humor has always been the best way to get to the truth.”

Theater Ninjas’ Artistic Director, Jeremy Paul, seconded that thought: “There’s value in hearing someone else’s story. We’re not trying to explain everyone else’s point-of-view, only communicating our own and trusting that simply speaking honestly has the power to change lives. This show is a chance to experience the world through other people’s eyes in the way that only theater can allow.” 

TingleTangle will be performed at Guide to Kulchur located next to the Capitol Theatre in the Gordon Square Arts District. “Guide to Kulchur is an incredible forum for empowerment and marginalized voices,” adds Caspio. “There is no more perfect space in Cleveland to be doing a production like this. We’re excited!” 


TingleTangle is supported in part by the Ohio Arts Council. Theater Ninjas is also running a Kickstarter Campaign supporting TingleTangle thru October 4:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/779830539/tingletangle


For more information about TingleTangle, check out this this preview clip:


and this interview at CellarDoorCLE: http://cellardoorcle.com/site/2014/03/04/theater-ninjas-presents-tingle-tangle-an-interview-with-ray-caspio/


The Plain Dealer has called Theater Ninjas’ work “one of the most exciting, original and confounding experiences I’ve witnessed.” Jeremy Paul has led Theater Ninjas since their founding and was named Theater Person of the Year by the Plain Dealer, Director of the Year by Christine Howey and was one of the Community Partnership for Arts & Culture’s 2012 Creative Workforce Fellows. Ray Caspio’s performances have been called “riveting” and “transcendent”, and he was recognized as 2014’s Thespian in Cleveland Scene Magazine’s annual People Issue.

Theater Ninjas is the Food Truck of Cleveland Theater. We’re a nomadic company who seeks out new and exciting spaces to perform. Working in non-traditional venues gives us an opportunity to reimagine how and why we tell stories, and helps us to create deep, fascinating worlds for the audience to explore. We’re always experimenting; always rethinking what theater can be: as entertainment, as art and as out-of-the-ordinary experiences.



conceived by Ray Caspio

directed by Jeremy Paul
original composition & arrangements by Eric M. C. Gonzalez

featuring Ray Caspio, Katie Beck, Valerie C. Kilmer, Ryan Lucas, Dan Rand & Amy Schwabauer

stage manager Kaitlin Kelly

assistant stage manager & dramaturge Christina Dennis
costume design Kevenn T. Smith

lighting design Benjamin Gantose

October 30-November 15

Thursday thru Saturday & Mondays @ 8pm
Special 11pm late night performance Saturday, November 8

@ Guide to Kulchur
1386 West 65th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
(this location is not ADA accessible)

Tickets: $5-$20 @ https://theaterninjas.tixato.com/buy/tingletangle or (440) 941-1482
General Admission: $20

Ages 16-18: $5

18-25/Over 65: $15

Mondays & Late Night: $10

Group discounts available for 10 or more

theaterninjas.com or (440) 941-1482

Contact Ray Caspio,