[sic] Media Round-up: "Tremendous"


Wow! It's been a big opening week for our production of Melissa James Gibson's [sic]. As we launch into week two, we wanted to take a moment and share with you some of the great media buzz going on about the show:

Scene Magazine just posted Tom Fulton's glowing review of the show - so pick one up and give it a read (then have fun perusing the personals)

•Catch the interview with [sic] Director Pandora Robertson and Ninjas Artistic Director Jeremy Paul - as well as a preview of the show itself - on The Sound of Applause

•Associate Artistic Director Ray Caspio was interviewed by CellarDoorCLE's Nikki Delamotte about our upcoming project, Tingle-Tangle. A 20 minute preview of this energetic cabaret piece will coincide with week two of [sic] (two shows for the price of one!).

•Even more great reviews have been popping up on blogs all over Cleveland! Amanda Hicken at Clue Into Cleveland, Land of Cleve, Lincoln from Lincoln in Cleveland, and Kevin Joseph Kelly at TPOGraphy all have great things to say about Theo, Frank, and Babette (and that's saying a lot).