C0d∑ Interactivity Workshop: Jan 17 – 19

Our upcoming original piece, "C0d∑," needs your help! C0d∑ Is about the beauty of math, how humans talk to their computers, and the struggles of computing genius Alan Turing. We want this to be a highly interactive experience: an inviting  and inclusive world of technology and mathematics that you can explore largely at your own pace.

To accomplish this, we need to do some beta testing, and that's where you come in! On January 17-19 at 6pm, we'll be holding three completely FREE workshops to explore some ideas about telling stories through games, puzzles, ciphers, and other interactive artifacts. We invite you to come play along with us, have fun, and give your input. You can help us to shape this ambitious new project! And did we mention it would also be fun? Fun!

The workshop will be held in the Gund Dance Studio at the Idea Center @Playhouse Square.


Code:Preludes is sponsored in by the Ohio Arts Council, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and The Cyrus Eaton Foundation