GameNight – A Free Evening of Games for Storytellers

You've heard us mention GameNight before, but you might be thinking:

"Whoa, slow down...what is GameNight, again?"

GameNight is Theater Ninjas’ free monthly meet-up designed to turn audiences into creators. Each month will feature a different game with dynamic storytelling structures and mechanics. You'll discover adventurous, innovative games that let you create. Both new and experienced players are welcome: writers, historians, actors, CEOs, improvisers, tyrannical despots and game players of all stripes. Our games are light on rules, relying on the player's own ideas and perspective to do the heavy lifting.

"Wait, sweet Ninjas, why is a theater company hosting an evening of games?"
We frequently step outside the theater world for our multimedia, multidisciplinary experiences, and GameNight's ambition is to bring players from a variety of backgrounds together to create accessible, collaborative and fun stories. It’s a lot like how we work when we're creating original, or even scripted, shows. GameNight is a chance for us to celebrate and demystify the process of creating a story...and to have fun while doing it

" what's the game this month?"

This month, we are playing Ben Robbins' "Microscope."

Thousands of years of history can hinge on the snap decisions of kings, generals, and absent-minded personal assistants. All it takes is a missed enter key, a blown whistle, or a conspicuously unlocked tiger cage to bring about the rise and fall of nations. History intrigues us because it is a story, and Microscope is all about crafting the past with character and narrative.

Much like our original shows, Microscope involves an ensemble of players bringing together their own perspectives to create the history of a fictional world. You'll take total control of the story, building on the elements that other players have set forth. You might narrate a thousand year span of galactic prosperity, or role-play in the president's panic room as the super-volcano erupts.

GameNight - Microscope By Ben Robbins
Thursday, October 21 @ 7:00-8:30pm Ohio City Masonic Temple
2831 Franklin Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44113