October 30th GameNight howls for "Werewolf"

Our October installment of GameNight will be on Wednesday 30th, 7pm at the Ohio City Masonic Temple

This month's FREE and open-to-the-public game will be: WEREWOLF

The Ninjas embrace the spookiness of the season with this American variation on Dimitry Davidoff's popular pyschological experiment-turned-party-game, "Mafia."
Originally part of a psychological thought experiment for Soviet students inspired by Russian psychologists and Alan Turing's computer intelligence tests, "Mafia" was a hit in the 1980's. Davidoff's game of informed-minorities versus uninformed-majorities seeped across the iron curtain and after growing in popularity in America, saw rules expansions and a recasting as "Werewolf," thanks to game designer and programmer Andrew Plotkin.

The game puts any number of players to the task of ferretting out a dangerous werewolf in their midst, forcing them to choose between potentially removing innocent players from the game, in order to exterminate the hidden threat. Paranoia, accusations, mauling, and apple cider! How better to spend a Wednesday?