CODE is an explorable theatrical experience inspired by the cold beauty of logic and math and the programmers who operate on the boundary between our messy human lives and the pristine world of symbols and equations that power modern technology. Drawing from the experiences of real-life programmers and the life of Alan Turing, this sensory, interactive performance creates a kind of living science museum that uses theater techniques and software concepts to cultivate and rekindle a sense of awe for the power of mathematics and highlight the individuals who encode our humanity into modern technology.

“Code:Preludes” was the first step in a multi-year, multi-stepped creative process. This show will grow, mutate and adapt different environments, audiences and questions facing our world. This is not a static play, but an immersive theatrical universe that Theater Ninjas will be exploring for years to come.

Code:Preludes was performed in May 2014 and was sponsored in part by